Hair Loss Treatment Service

Signature Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy (90mins)

Our signature Bojin Meridian therapy for anti-aging of the scalp. The potent botanical and fruit extracts are full of anti oxidants to help regenerate the scalp cells, boost the scalp metabolic rate and encourage hair growth. The treatment will leave your hair follicles feel invigorated and recharged.


  • Oily Scalp
  • Dandruff & Dry
  • Flaky Scalp
  • Patch Balding
  • Genetic Pattern
  • Hair Loss
  • Thinning Hair
  • Diffuse Hair Loss
  • Aging Scalp
  • Sensitive
  • Scaling
  • Dermatitis


  • stimulate scalp tissues
  • provides nutrients and energy to hair follicles
  • promote self-healing and hair growth
  • reducing inflammation of the hair follicles
  • preventing hair loss
Hair loss is a common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. While some people may not be bothered by hair loss, it can be a source of distress for many. Fortunately, Retern hair loss clinics offer a variety of treatments and services to help people with hair loss.

Retern Hair Loss Clinic

At Retern Hair & Scalp Treatment Institute hair loss clinic, you can find world-class experts who specialize in hair and scalp disorders. These experts have years of experience diagnosing and treating hair loss, and they use the latest techniques and technologies to provide the best care possible.

Advanced Diagnostics for Hair and Scalp Disorders

One of the key services offered by Retern Hair is advanced diagnostics for hair and scalp disorders. Our clinics use state-of-the-art equipment to perform thorough evaluations of your hair and scalp. We can identify the underlying causes of your hair loss and recommend appropriate treatments based on your specific needs. In addition to advanced diagnostics, Retern hair loss clinics also offer comprehensive medical assessments of hair loss. During these assessments, our medical professional will evaluate your overall health and look for any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to your hair loss. We may also recommend lifestyle changes or dietary supplements to support healthy hair growth.

The Best Hair Loss Treatment Products

Another important service provided by Retern hair loss clinics is access to the best hair loss treatment products. Our clinics offer a range of products designed to promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss. These products include shampoos, conditioners, topical treatments, and other medications.

How hair loss treatments can help

Hair loss treatment can be an effective treatment for many people with hair loss. These treatments work by blocking the hormones that cause hair loss and promoting hair growth. If you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s important to seek help from a reputable hair loss clinic. Retern Hair clinics offer a range of services and treatments to help you restore your hair and confidence. With the help of our world-class experts, advanced diagnostics, and effective treatment products, you can take control of your hair loss and achieve the results you desire.

Retern's Signature Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy Process

Step 1:
Deep Scalp Analysis
Our Certified Trichologists Will Analyze The Condition Of Your Scalp In Order To Provide A Personalized Holistic Solution That Can Target The Root Cause Of Your Hair And Scalp Problems.
Step 2:
Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Our Therapists Will Start The Session With A 5-Minutes Massage On Your Scalp, Neck And Shoulders To Circulate Your Lymph Flow For Total Relaxation And Activate Your Body Self-Healing Ability.
Step 3:
High Frequency Scalp Oxygenation & Cleansing Treatment
This Ensures That Your Hair Roots Receive More Nutrients And Oxygen Which Allows You To Regrow Thicker, Fuller Hair.
Step 4:
Cold Steam Scalp Oxygenation Therapy
To Improve Blood Circulation And Detoxify Your Lymphatic System On Your Scalp, Ensuring Sufficient Nutrients And Moisture.
Step 5:
Deep Cleansing Hair Wash With Botanical Ingredients

Our Effective In-House Hair Products Deeply Cleanse And Remove Any Excess Oil And Impurities On Your Scalp, With Organic And Natural Herbs

Step 6:
Stay-On Hair Follicle Rejuvenation Essence Molecule Spray
This Process Helps You Develop Strong Hair Roots And Nourish Your Hair By Supplying Moisture And Nutrients, Allowing You To Get Smooth, Strong, And Silky Hair
Step 7:
TCM-Based Bojin Scalp Massage
We’ll End Of The Treatment With Our Signature TCM Massage Therapy, Which Helps To Improve Circulation To Strengthen And Maximise Your Hair Root’s Vitamin Absorption

“ We cater to the needs of the discerning clients who have hair and scalp concerns through providing the best value for money ”

How can Retern Tricho-Blend help?

A detailed hair & scalp analysis by certified hair care professional to understand the current scalp condition, lifestyle habits and environmental factors to determine the root causes to hair loss and provide a customised treatment plan.

Retern Tricho-Blend® is a 4 phase professional treatment approach developed by our trichologists to identify the most ideal treatment for the hair loss condition.

Tricho-Blend® Deeptox remove deeply imbedded impurities within pores and reduce inflammation of the hair follicles to allow regeneration of hair from the roots.


Tricho-Blend® Nuhair awakens the dull and tired scalp and nourish the hair follicles and maximise the absorption of the Tricho-Blend® essences in the treatment.

Tricho-Blend® Power Antioxidant CM+ to help strengthen the tissues within hair follicles. It contains strong anti-oxidant properties that enhance the scalp’s immunity system.

A Daily Intensive Regime hair care routine will also be customised by our Specialist for each individual to use at home for a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair.


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