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Achieve Thicker, Fuller And Healthier Hair
Recover From Hair Loss And Enjoy A Relaxing Hair And Scalp Treatment Experience With Our Signature Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy

The natural, painless and non-invasive way to get fuller and stronger hair. (Suitable for both male and female.)

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Don’t Take Our Word For It, See The Difference Yourself
At Reternhair, we believe that your success is our success. Have a look at our happy customers and their achievement.

20 Years Of Hair Care Experience

Award-Winning Treatment And Trusted By Experts

Over 100,000 Hair Growth Success Stories

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Introducing Retern's Signature Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy Made With Retern Hair’s Tricho-Blend® System

Purify Your Scalp With All-Natural Ingredients

Our unique, all-natural scalp treatment uses specially formulated and tested North American Herbal Extracts and TCM Bojin Scalp Massage to purify and nourish your scalp, and strengthens hair follicles, allowing you to regrow thicker and fuller hair

Safe, Non-Invasive Hair Growth Treatment

Our treatment doesn’t involve any invasive injections that penetrate the scalp. Instead, we use a specially formulated essence molecule spray to deliver the nourishing botanical extracts to the follicles at the root of each hair strand.

Visible Results After 1 Session

We will perform a deep scalp follicle health analysis before and after the treatment and you can instantly see a cleaner and healthier scalp after just 1 session. Imagine enjoying a head massage and waking up with all your scalp issues gone!

Retern's Signature Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy Process

Step 1:
Deep Scalp Analysis
Our Certified Trichologists Will Analyze The Condition Of Your Scalp In Order To Provide A Personalized Holistic Solution That Can Target The Root Cause Of Your Hair And Scalp Problems.
Step 2:
Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Our Therapists Will Start The Session With A 5-Minutes Massage On Your Scalp, Neck And Shoulders To Circulate Your Lymph Flow For Total Relaxation And Activate Your Body Self-Healing Ability.
Step 3:
High Frequency Scalp Oxygenation & Cleansing Treatment
This Ensures That Your Hair Roots Receive More Nutrients And Oxygen Which Allows You To Regrow Thicker, Fuller Hair.
Step 4:
Cold Steam Scalp Oxygenation Therapy
To Improve Blood Circulation And Detoxify Your Lymphatic System On Your Scalp, Ensuring Sufficient Nutrients And Moisture.
Step 5:
Deep Cleansing Hair
Deep Cleansing Hair Wash With Botanical Ingredients

Our Effective In-House Hair Products Deeply Cleanse And Remove Any Excess Oil And Impurities On Your Scalp, With Organic And Natural Herbs

Step 6:
Stay-On Hair Follicle Rejuvenation Essence Molecule Spray
This Process Helps You Develop Strong Hair Roots And Nourish Your Hair By Supplying Moisture And Nutrients, Allowing You To Get Smooth, Strong, And Silky Hair
Step 7:
scalp massage
TCM-Based Bojin Scalp Massage
We’ll End Of The Treatment With Our Signature TCM Massage Therapy, Which Helps To Improve Circulation To Strengthen And Maximise Your Hair Root’s Vitamin Absorption

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Why Customers Prefer Retern's Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy?

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About Retern Hair & Scalp Institute

At Retern Hair, our team of leading trichologists makes sure that each formulation is clinically-engineered for maximum potency and efficacy.

We made it our mission to bring a better hair and scalp care solution in the market, because we believe everyone deserves to look their best.

We make our products and services available to everyone, without the hefty price tag—quality, potent, and efficacious products.


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