A Guide To Choosing The Best Hair Treatment In Singapore

Hair loss is a common problem among Singaporeans and the reason behind it varies. From excessive heat and humidity to air pollution and also genetics.

In fact, in case you don’t know. Singaporeans on average spend more than 7 hours a day under the sun and the heat produced by the sun will speed up hair fall.

If you’re constantly exposed to such conditions, it can cause severe damage to your hair.

That’s why many Singaporeans use hair care products that contain harmful chemicals which over time may lead to early graying of hair and baldness if left untreated.

So if you’re that person who is concerned about hair care treatment, then this is for you. You will find out how to choose the best hair treatment in Singapore and what are the benefits of having the best hair treatment in Singapore.

The best hair treatment in Singapore

There are a lot of salons in Singapore, but not all of them can provide the best hair treatment. If you want to have a good hair treatment, you should go to Retern Hair Care Center.

What makes Reternhair stand out from the sea of hair care treatment centers out there is that they create solutions from a different approach. It is well known that there are a plethora of factors that contribute to hair concerns such as dandruff, hair fall and more. Some of these factors could be due to one’s certain lifestyle or age.

Reternhair blends science and the power of nature to develop the ultimate solutions for maximum efficiency. These potent concentrations are packed with clinically proven effective ingredients to give you the healthiest hair possible.

How much does hair treatment cost in Singapore?

The average cost of hair treatment in Singapore is SGD$30. This is based on the average cost of hair treatment for women, which is SGD$30. The average cost of scalp treatment for men is SGD$30.

With Reternhair Signature Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy, you get to experience natural, painless and non-invasive, and clinically formulated by certified Trichologists and Herbalists only for $28!

Why treatments from Reternhair are best for you

It’s not just the brand or the price in which Retern hair stands out. Retern hair also offers other hair treatments depending on your hair and scalp concerns.

  • Signature Deeptox Therapy. This treatment is for you if you have oily or Itchy Scalp and acne , Dandruff, Sensitive scalp, and Dry scalp.
  • Tricho-Blend® Signature Hair Revitalising Therapy. This treatment is for you if  you have sensitive scalp, Inflamed scalp, Aging scalp, Damaged scalp due to chemical process.
  • Tricho-Blend® Signature Regrowth Therapy. This treatment is for you if  you have Thinning hair, Male Pattern Hair loss, Female pattern hair loss.

Customer Review

The point is, whatever your hair concern is, Reternhair will take care of you.

If you’re unsure whether we’re telling the truth or not, well, we don’t blame you. All of us have a little doubt in our minds, especially when we talk about our hair concerns.

So don’t take our word for it, you have to read what other people say about us and see for yourself at our google reviews.

But here’s what we can tell you. People who come to our institute leave with smiles on their faces.

Take for instance this review from Jane L:

Definitely recommend this place for hair treatment or all kinds of hair scalp issue! They have a series of solution that would able to help you on the hair problem. Nice services, nice environment and i like the way where the consultant will able to analysis your hair problem well, committed to the details scalp scanning and explanation for every visit. With this, you will able to see the result through the scanning and monitoring the hair scalp condition from time to time! The solution comes with both traditional Chinese method like “bojin” and the herbs essence. Both were pleasant for the my 1st visit. The Staff are friendly and the hair product used was good too. Overall, i have a good experience with Retern!

And from Yanty J;

Love the pleasant, relaxing ambience and the ever so friendly staff here. The products are so therapeutic and suit me very well so far  and I’m very pleased with the results of my scalp treatments. Always looking forward to my visit here and each time leaving the place with nice smelling hair

We hope that this article has helped you decide which treatment you should choose to get the highest value for best results.

For more reviews, you can check our google reviews by visiting this link.


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